Staghorn is a woman-owned full-service landscape design firm based in Brooklyn, NY.

A full logo-resign and rebrand. Develop a modern, lux, and savvy look and feel. Attract a more robust clientele. Elevate brand perception. Visually communicate the brand story, and showcase the founder’s individuality and just a touch of personal flair.

Our approach relied heavily on reimagining the heart and soul of the brand. Who are we now, and who do we want to be? It was clear that there needed to be an effortlessly, timeless “cool” factor and we were up for the challenge. The final logo mark is a direct reference to the staghorn fern and also nods to the Fibonacci sequence. The new look and feel were applied across all of the communication channels, and we even had the opportunity to develop a custom typeface -- Staghorn Deco.


Social Media Planning • Content Development • Social Media Strategy • Copywriting
Online Advertising • Animation • Photography • Video Editing
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