Relaunch A Technical Product to the Average Consumer

Pureganix is a national distributor of solely organic turf care materials and approached us to help re-launch their Progaea product line. There were many legal requirements and mandatory product descriptors. Unify the label design. Develop a way-finding system for customers to easily find information and specific product benefits. Disrupt the competitive landscape with a more modern, tech-forward aesthetic.

To make it easier on the end consumer the center-point of this brand strategy was the use of a strong color assignment as varietal / differentiator. We also placed a high priority on developing a clear hierarchy of information to make each product which relies on very detailed information to identify the differences in both use, end consumer / audience and compositional make-up. By using a varietal color to callout the active ingredients. We also explored a range of textures and patterns to emphasize the technological, yet clean and organic, aspects of the product.



Concept Development • Brand Design • Logo Design • Art Direction • Creative Direction • packaging
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