Concept a "Craftier" Approach to a Strong Brand

We were incredibly fortunate to have some history with the launch and origination of this strong brand in the marketplace. While working at Boston Beer Company before starting We Are Almanac we were deeply involved in the brand strategy and creative development and launch of The Angry Orchard Hard Cider Brand. Once we were out on our own – Angry Orchard approached us to develop a "Blue Sky" concept for a Craftier, less sweet product they were developing.

Our gut reaction was to build on the shoulders of this great package the core brand already had in the marketplace. We knew these were intended to extend the "Orchard" on the shelf. Extending the scene so that with would continue on existing flagship brand's main and side was the only choice we had from the beginning. Our concept was to see what the orchard looked like at night and in a more classy setting. Our type approach was to make everything look like a classic pub sign with heavy painted wood and gilded lettering where possible.

The work presented below is the final packaging executed by our friends in the Brand Team at Angry Orchard. The work below that is the battery of work we presented during our original concept development that set up along with our feedback the final work that went into the market.


Concept Development • Brand Design • Logo Design • creative Direction • packaging
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