A New Direction for a Night Shift favorite –
87 Double IPA

Asked to imagine and concept a new direction for the Night Shift Brewing 87 Double IPA was a pretty big challenge. How do you take a fan favorite and create a new updated look and feel and not alienate the consumer at the same time. We were told that the current look was too close the their flagship Santelli and requested that we give 87 its own personality.

87 is the number address of the original Tap House in Everett, MA so we felt playing off the name was an interesting direction to explore. Specifically we like the shapes the 8 made so that was where we began our exploration. The profile of the brew also has peach notes and the idea of ribbon or peels was a fun direction to explore with our illustrations.

In the end the client took our work in-house and developed it further. We still feel this is a strong solution and are very proud with the work we presented.


Concept Development • Creative Direction • Package Design • Label Design • Illustration • Typography • Brand Strategy
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