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Naked Flock is a craft cidery in the Warwick, NY area. The brand falls under the umbrella of Applewood Winery.  We were engaged to develop the new can label designs for Naked Flock’s core styles: Draft, Honey Mead, Rosé, Smashed Cherry, and Lemon Ginger. The objective was to elevate the label design so that it is perceived as a premium, craft cider. Solution: Since, at the time, Naked Flock was still fairly new to the market we utilized “Brand Over Style” meaning that the brand name is more prominent than the style name. We knew we would leverage illustration to give off a real crafty feel, so we first explored styles to execute. All typography was hand-drawn, and we even included some discoverable details - things that the drinker won’t notice until they are holding the can. The color was equally as important as the style of illustration. We chose deeper tones but enhanced their vibrancy in an effort to complement the ingredients …


Concept Development • Creative Direction • Package Design • Label Design • Illustration • Typography • Brand Strategy
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