Launch A Social Channel for The Harpoon Beer Hall

Harpoon challenged us to help launch an Instagram channel dedicated to their very popular Beer Hall located in the Seaport District of Boston with the goals to increase traffic to the beer hall, improve events attendance rate. We also identified from the outset that we needed to leverage the channel to captivate the audience and give them the ultimate FOMO on anything beer hall related.

Identified different content categories to build towards based on the presenting challenges. Created photography, animations, and other branded graphic elements that fell within each category. For the Beer Hall, there was an emphasis on bright, fresh, enthralling imagery that displayed visitors engaged with the product and activities offered.


brand strategy • social strategy • photography • copywriting

Online Advertising

Harpoon also asked us to help to develop a battery of online ads for social media channels. We were tasked to develop work around two styles that were the focus for the quarter – Harpoon IPA and Rec League. We knew that embracing the sharing of good times while we have the precious great weather in New England is something that is also a hit given that it is both timely and limited. This strategy is why we built all the work around enjoying the moment and recognizing that it is limited and fall will be here very soon so let's go.

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